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Names have Power

When I was in the midst of creating BenBens I was always calling them Eco Crackers as I didn't know what to call them. One day I thought geez I really need to get a name for these and so the search began.  I had this gut feeling that there was a perfect word out there and I wasn't going to stop until I found it.  After about 5 hours of researching names of pyramids and all sorts of things BenBens suddenly appeared out of the mists of the internet.  It completely blew me away. The perfect twist on BonBon and yet with real meaning.

The name BenBen comes from the Ancient Egyptian mythology meaning the top stone of the pyramid. The creator God Atum-Ra arose from the primordial waters Nu upon a mound (BenBen stone). 

A primeval cosmic god, Atum is known as the sun god creator. He is the Lord of the Universe. In his human form, he represents the king of Egypt, who wears the Double Crown of Egypt.

How cool is that! 

Names can have a much deeper meaning to it if you take the time to look into it.

Growing up I actually didn't like my name. People couldn't spell it or pronounce and especially my surname Purdy (sounds like Birdy).  Felicity means happiness, joy, light, I failed to see the joy in my name and perhaps that was a reflection on how I felt about myself.  But slowly I grew into my name and became to love it and I like to think that I strive for Joy, light and happiness.

Have you looked into the meaning of your name? What does it mean?