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Why I created BenBens

Hi I am Felicity and here is a little bit of why I created BenBens...

I must admit I have never been a fan of Christmas 🎄, having little family around growing up I guess I found it quite forced. My family aren't big talkers and then as I grew up the world grew more and more focused on materialism, small talk, drinking and eating. I guess I just yearned for a deeper level. So one day when I was all grown up with kids I had Christmas at my house and decided to make my own Christmas Crackers and I put gratitude questions in them all.

WOW!!! This was a game changer for me. My questions prompted my family to share stories that they would never has shared before and we all got to know each other and learn at a deeper positive level. This raised our vibration.

So my sister in law said to me "you have to share this".  And so I did and here we are with a completely redesigned way to enjoy your Christmas and now I have branched out into other events.

How do you celebrate Christmas?  Is there anything you could do to improve the connection with your family?