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An Eco Celebration Alternative


Bringing Presence to Festivities


Eco Friendly Mindful Gifts for Every Celebration

What are BENBENS?

Our BenBens are beautiful handmade eco-friendly pyramid boxes made for all occasions.

Inside each BenBen you will find a thought provoking question or quote (depending on which theme) and a beautiful crystal set with its intention. Each BenBen is made with the environment, wellbeing and community in mind.

The BenBen stone signifies strength and renewal, and the pyramid shape signifies the generation of energy - pyramids are known to bring enlightenment, create mystical power in intention, and harmonise their environment.

Wedding and love customisations

Our LOVE BenBens include love quotes as standard, however you can choose to customise them. A popular option is the inclusion of love questions inside the wedding BenBens, which guests can answer at the wedding. These beautiful cards with their questions (and guest answers) then become the happy couple’s guest book.

Corporate gifting customisations

Searching for memorable corporate event gifts? We can customise the questions inside the BenBens to suit your audience.

Spiritual retreats and women’s circles customisations

The Spirit BenBen has been mindfully created for women’s retreats, circles and workshops. Customise the thought provoking questions inside, to suit your event and your community.

What people say

BenBens are the perfect touch to a holiday table and were a complete hit with my family. I loved how the questions sparked a meaningful family conversation and everyone received a beautiful keepsake crystal.


Amazing, finally an innovative new Christmas tradition, that reminds us of the true meaning of giving and sharing with loved ones, while being more mindful, environmentally conscious and meaningful. All wrapped up in a beautiful packaging, BenBens will undoubtedly become an indispensable part of family Christmases in our home from now on.


I love that these have nothing bad for the environment. No gimmicky plastic toys, just simple, feel good crystals. They also look great as part of a table setting or on the tree, and the grateful questions really got us talking around the table - discussing things that really made me think. My guests love it!