An Eco Celebration Alternative


Bringing Presence to Festivities in a sustainable way. BenBens are here to replace an outdated throwaway tradition with presence and environmental consciousness

Introducing NEW EveryDay design BenBens!

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Made and Designed in Brisbane

Each of these hands have lovingly and locally come together to produce a unique gift that we hope will be the start of a very long tradition

Sustainable conscious

Our product is made with sustainable consciousness. Our cardboard is made from 100% recycled materials and our linen/hemp string is sourced sustainably and is biodegradable and compostable.

It's in the name

I am introducing you to the product name BenBen. I would like you to understand the history from which it came.

BenBen is from Ancient Egyptian Mythology meaning the tip of an obelisk or the capstone placed on top of a pyramid. The Egyptian mythology says the God Atum-Ra was the creator of the world and from the primeval waters the BenBen Stone arose.

The BenBen stone is a symbol of the Phoenix, signifying strength and renewal. 

Pyramids are known generators of energy with the ability to enlighten.

Made with love

Each of these BenBens is carefully handmade with love. Designed and made in Brisbane.

I love that these have nothing bad for the environment. No gimmicky plastic toys, just simple, feel good crystals. They also look great as part of a table setting or on the tree, and the grateful questions really got us talking around the table - discussing things that really made me think. My guests love it!


BenBens are the perfect touch to a holiday table and were a complete hit with my family. I loved how the questions sparked a meaningful family conversation and everyone received a beautiful keepsake crystal.


Amazing, finally an innovative new Christmas tradition, that reminds us of the true meaning of giving and sharing with loved ones, while being more mindful, environmentally conscious and meaningful. All wrapped up in a beautiful packaging, Ben Bens will undoubtedly become an indispensable part of family Christmases in our home from now on.