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About Us

Our Story 

Welcome to the Purdy Grateful world of BenBen’s. We offer an innovative and eco-friendly reimagining of an outdated Christmas tradition.

Our mission

We believe in cultivating community and connection within families through shared experiences of gratitude and presence. 

We’ve consciously created BenBens to bring greater presence to life’s celebrations, and to encourage people to open up and share their stories.

We have made a conscious effort to make our products sustainably, with consideration for our environmental footprint.

Our product

Founder, Felicity Purdy remembers growing up sitting around the family Christmas table and craving an opportunity to really connect with her family. 

It was from this yearning that BenBens were born. These beautiful, eco-friendly pyramid boxes contain a thought provoking question and a crystal set with its intention.

“Through BenBens, we have an opportunity to ask thoughtful questions and learn from one another. BenBens are here to truly remind us of the meaning of giving and sharing with loved ones, without adding unnecessary plastics and waste into our environment.”  - Felicity -

Filled with meaning, the name, BenBen (the spiritual top of a pyramid), is derived from the Ancient Egyptian mythology of the creation of the world.

According to legend, the BenBen stone arose from the primordial waters of Nu, in which the creator god Atum-Ra shaped the world.

The BenBen stone signifies strength and renewal, and their pyramid shape signifies the generation of energy - pyramids are known to bring enlightenment, create mystical power in intention, and harmonise their environment. 

Our impact

BenBens are made sustainably, with consideration for our environmental footprint.

Unlike traditional Christmas Crackers, our products are designed to be reusable and are plastic free.

All cardboard is made from sustainably sourced and recycled paper, and the festive string is biodegradable/compostable and sustainably sourced.

We also encourage you to reuse or recycle them.